Ransomware can be transmitted via file sharing sites

Be on the lookout for rasomware that spreads through file sharing sites like Dropbox.  If you are sharing files with a friend, make sure you know what the files are.  If your unsure, contact your friend and ask.

This is a relatively old (2 years) and obscure ransomware strain called Virlock.  It works by making any file it infects into a carrier of the virus.  File sharing software works by allowing a folder on your machine to be synced to a server.  That server folder is then synced to other machines it’s shared with.  The infected filed get synced to the server, then out to all other machines that can share that folder.

If you are infected you’ll see a message claiming to be from the FBI.  It states that you need to pay $250 or you might get a $250,000 fine and 5 years in prison.  This is a common tactic to trick people into paying the fine.  General rule, if anyone claims to be a government agency then asks for bitcoins… they are bad guys.

Always Backup Your Files

Remember to always have a good backup plan.  Restoring your own files is the only way to recover after a ransomware attack.