If you get an email from WhatsApp claiming you have a missed voicemail… you don’t.  It’s a scam.

How it works:

An email arrives pretending to come from WhatsApp (a popular phone and texting app).  It’s subject says “Missed Voicemail”. The content of the message says “New voicemessage” and contains a link called “Play”

If you click on the link it will download detected as JS/Kryptik.BBC.  This installs malware/ransomware on your machine and the bad guy can charge you to get your computer back.

How to avoid an issue

If you see any message from WhatsApp, delete the message and open WhatsApp on your phone.  If you indeed have a real message it will appear in the app.  This is good advice for any service you use, even legitimate messages.  Read the email, then login to the service from a web browser (never click an attachment in an email).  If you have a real message or action you can use the service’s own website to interact.