Alerts for 10/3

Apple has warned of a new phishing scam that uses email claiming that the recipient has been charged for iTunes songs. Read...

Alerts for 8/18

Beware of emails offering naked photos of Olympic Athletes.  These contain ransomware.  If you see any, delete them right away, then flip on the TV and watch our team go for the Gold.

Alerts for 8/11

Micros Point of Sale Systems Hacked.  A message from parent company, Oracle: “Oracle Security has detected and addressed malicious code in certain legacy MICROS systems,” said the company. “Oracle’s Corporate network and other cloud and service...

Alerts for 7/14

Wendy’s restaurants have been hacked.  If you have used a credit or debit card at a Wendy’s in the last 6 months, check your accounts.

Alerts for 9/10

Microsoft Office Update available – download with windows update. LastPass password service has been hacked, reset all your passwords if you use this.