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Byte Connections is a provider of computer network services and technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We deliver excellent, cost-effective IT service to hundreds of satisfied customers. Byte Connections has been helping businesses like yours for over 13 years in the Knoxville area.

We work with all types of companies in all industries, however we specialize in Manufacturing and Healthcare support.

Support for manufacturing companies

General Support

Most factories have a standard office with all the usual needs.  We can support your plant, but we can also help your office.   We can keep the computers running and make sure the bad guys don’t get your customer data.

Servers and Workstations

Do you have a small data center?  How about servers that run critical programs such as accounting, or ERP?  We can support and secure your critical infrastructure.


Plants can be large, with servers and office space located far away from shipping docks or inventory warehouse areas.  We can make sure your building is wired efficiently so that your data gets from one end of the plant to the other.

Factory Automation

Do you have computers that run your production machines?  These devices often come with custom software or components.  We can support these devices and keep your operation running smoothly.

Support for Healthcare Providers

Small to medium-sized healthcare offices need to see patients every day.  You don’t have time to worry about faulty equipment or downtime.  For 16 years, Byte Connections has provided support the the Knoxville area’s medical community.  When uptime and patient confidentiality are critical, call Byte Connections for support.

On-Site Support

As medical providers you know how hard it can be to diagnose and treat a patient over the phone.  We agree.  Our specialty is house-calls.  You’ll get to know our staff as we get to know your business and technology needs.  When one of your computers gets sick, we will have a better understanding of the problem and can get it healthy fast.


As healthcare providers you know how important patient security is.  Why would you want to trust your patient data to a person you’ve never met on the other end of the phone?  This could be risky and might even cause privacy issues.  We perform all work concerning patient data on site, using HIPAA-compliant procedures.

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