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Don’t Let The Bad Guys Win

IT security is a hot topic in business circles. Because the nature of security risks is constantly changing, it can be difficult for business owners to identify and create a flexible and defensive plan while taking care of core business functions. Consider hiring an IT outsourcing service provider such as Byte Connections to take care of your IT security needs so that you can spend your time focusing on your business.

What kinds of security threats does your company face?


Malicious, hidden, self-replicating applications that attach themselves to commonly used programs. Viruses become active every time an infected program is opened.


Another type of malicious, self-replicating application. Worms are IT network-aware and can easily spread throughout an entire IT environment. Unlike viruses, worms do not need to attach themselves to another program in order to affect your corporate IT environment.

Trojan Horse

Pieces of malicious code that are typically attached to downloadable computer programs, applications, apps, etc. Computer users will often seek out a legitimate application, such as a free trial productivity app, and while using the program, the Trojan horse will upload into the user’s computer. Trojan horses are dangerous because they can evade most security programs.

Is remote support safe?

Maybe.  But, HIPAA/PCI compliance – remote access rarely meets any kind of security compliance.  If we can get in remotely so can the bad guys!


Programs that hackers use to mask intrusion to individual desktop computers and even the entire IT environment while gaining administrator access to your company’s entire IT environment.


Any unwanted or unsolicited electronic junk mail. Some spam is harmless, some contains malicious code.  It’s best never to open any spam.


A type of malware that, once loaded onto your company’s computers, will collect bits of information from users.


The label assigned to any person who purposefully gains unauthorized access to any computer system, personal or corporate, with the intent of causing harm.

You are responsible for your customer’s data

Because companies in many vertical markets are being held accountable for the security of consumer and corporate data through government regulations, policies, and contractual obligations, it has become a corporate responsibility to protect regulated data. As such, your company needs to have a comprehensive security plan in place to protect all of its data and the IT environment on which it is stored.

Byte Connections helps you create a security plan

Since businesses are experiencing increased regulations that affect how IT environments are protected, IT providers suggest that all corporations create and adopt a comprehensive IT security plan. Regardless of your unique corporate needs, Byte Connections recommends that your IT security plan consist of three different components:



The written rules regarding both user behavior and business operations. Byte Connections suggests that, at a minimum, your business should have an Acceptable Usage Policy that explicitly outlines what users can and cannot do on their computer systems. In addition, Byte Connections also encourages you to consider that there are other security policies that would help protect your corporate IT environment and the data stored on it.

User Education

Your best defense against malware is correct user behavior.  We would encourage you to visit our education page at “Avoid Malware”.  Byte Connections has written several articles on how to avoid malware.  Check them out here


Risk Assessment

We evaluate the external and internal threats to your company, business assets, data, reputation, clients, and partners. By effectively analyzing your company’s IT security risks, your IT support team can create a proactive plan to prevent security breaches and prioritize your IT investments to make maximum use of your IT budget.

Defense in Depth

The concept of layered security where multiple security products are in place at different locations on your network to prevent security threats from affecting your important data. Layering IT security ensures that your business has overlapping IT protections in place to keep your proprietary data and your IT environment secure. Byte Connections can help.

Because threats to your company’s IT environment are constantly changing, you need access to dedicated IT Service Providers that are up-to-date on the latest threats and how to protect against the potential risks. Byte Connections can help.

Byte Connections has more than thirteen years  experience helping businesses create customized IT security plans. Byte Connections has assisted numerous clients in most vertical markets create, implement, and maintain comprehensive security plans to protect their IT environments.

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