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Tons of Technologies

We have experts in all major technologies, so if you need help with a specific technology, we have the right expert to quickly and affordably take care of whatever project you may have.

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Network Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • Server installation & Maintenance
  • Computer Maintenance & Repair
  • Operating System Upgrade
  • Active Directory, DNS, DHCP Setup & Maintenance
  • Software & Hardware Installation & Upgrade
  • Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Internet Configuration
  • Moving Your System In-House or To a New Location
  • Cabling-CAT6, Fiber Optic & Phone
  • VOIP (Phone Service Through Internet)
  • Printer & Scanner Setup
  • VPN
  • Remote Access
  • Security
  • Wireless Access
  • HIPAA & CPI Compliance
  • Managed Services
  • Virtualization
  • Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Training & Support for End-Users
  • Workstation Setup, Maintenance & Repair
  • Malware & Virus Removal
  • Free Initial Consultation
  • No Contracts Required

Operating Systems

IT outsourcing companies such as Byte Connections are knowledgeable about the different types of business-friendly operating systems available. Byte Connections, has more than a decade of experience providing excellent IT consultation services to small and medium-sized business. As such, Byte Connections has hands on experience with the many different business-centric operating systems and the expertise to help your company choose the best operating system to meet your unique corporate needs.

At the most basic level, an OS is installed on a computer to control how it manages all applications, attached hardware devices such as monitors, printers, speakers, DVD drives, and USB devices. In addition, the OS will control how the computer communicates with other IT devices in your corporate IT environment and how it interfaces with the internet. In a corporate IT environment, there are typically two types of operating system platforms that matter: server and desktop.

Server operating systems

Special operating systems designed to manage, store, and distribute information throughout your company’s IT environment. Byte Connections can help you choose the best operating systems for your email servers, backup servers, file servers, etc. With the experience of countless server installs and OS upgrades, Byte Connections has the knowledge you need access to when choosing the best OS to meet your corporate server OS needs. While your IT environment will have multiple servers that do different jobs, all of the servers will have operating systems that, in addition to their core functions, will focus on the following:


Because protection of data is important, regardless of whether it is in the form of an email, document, or spreadsheet, the best operating systems will include basic security features that guard all data from unauthorized access. Byte Connections can guide your company in choosing an OS that meets your specific security needs.

Application delivery

Regardless of a server’s specific tasks (distribute email, provide networking services, create critical data backups, etc.), it will need a way to distribute software applications to desktop computers and other servers. Byte Connections can help you identify your software application delivery needs and help you choose the best OS to meet those needs.

Desktop operating systems

These are designed for end-users and focus on ease of navigation and use of applications. Byte Connections consultants have knowledge and experience with the variety of types of desktop operating systems available.  And with the experience of helping countless clients select, install, and update desktop operating systems, we can help your business select the best desktop OS to meet your needs.

Multimedia support

IT companies like Byte Connections understand how important it is that your desktop computers are able to support applications that are graphic-rich and sound-intensive. The best desktop operating systems will manage a desktop computer’s resources to ensure that multimedia programs will work as intended.

Peripheral device support

Because most desktop computers will have peripheral devices such as cameras, USB drives, speakers, etc., the best desktop operating systems will easily manage these devices with minimal input from users once permissions and preferences are set. Byte Connections understands that each company needs their desktop computers to work with different external devices and can recommend the best desktop operating systems for your company’s unique needs.

Application management

IT consulting companies realize that desktop users will often have more than one application open at a time. Byte Connections has the knowledge to identify your company’s specific application usage patterns and can suggest the best operating systems for your business’ desktop computers and/or recommend the right upgrade for your operating system, maximizing your usage capability.

Keeping up with technology

Because IT is always advancing, more sophisticated operating systems are needed so that your business can use the newest hardware and run the latest versions of applications. Upgrading your operating systems on servers and desktops will enable your business do the following:

Protect your IT environment from external threats such as viruses, phishing, and network scanning.

Patch your IT environment against newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Access and use the newest software which requires faster processing power that can only be supported with newer operating systems.

Gain the newest features which can improve productivity and enhance the overall user experience.

Virtualization is the newest buzz word in the IT world.  Virtualization is when you combine multiple computers or servers on to one piece of hardware.  Contact Byte Connections and our experts can help you decide if virtualization is for you.

Need Help with your office systems?

Byte Connections has more than a decade of experience working with the different operating systems that are available. To learn more about operating systems in general, and specifically how Byte Connections can help your small or medium-sized business select, install, and maintain the best operating systems for your unique IT environment, please contact us